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Modular Bubble Bracelet

3D model description

I decided to start Awesome August off with an awesome bracelet.

This thing has a lot going on. It may look like an ordinary bracelet but you see all those holes? Yep.... exactly the size to pop and LED in. Where does the power come from you ask? How about a coin cell battery embedded within one of the modular pieces (a captive print!). Memory wire connects everything together giving it a perfect springy feel.

This thing was a lot harder to get together than I thought it would be and turned out to be a whole weekend project. The trickiest part to figure out was what material to connect them with. I tried everything from string, stranded wire, magnets and even conductive thread. The memory wire works great. Although I\'m still not perfectly happy with the on/off functionality or the joining of the two ends, I hear you can buy endcaps that seem like they would solve the problem.

Now that I've iterated through a bunch of materials and ideas though they're pretty easy to build and work well.

I want to start seeing some people rock out with Makerbot made accessories!

3D printing settings

Print 5 of the normal ones. You shouldn\'t need to use a raft and it looks a lot better without one.

The captive print:
You\'ll want to slice the object normally in skeinforge. A stop has to be added just before it would continue and print over the enclosed area. You can calculate this by looking at the first layer height (mine is .186) and then adding the number of layers multiplied by the layer height (in my case 16 layers * .372 which gave me a layer height of 6.138). So just before the first line of the 6.138 layer insert this code:

G0 Z25 (Move up for test extrusion)
G04 P5000 (Wait 5 seconds)
M01 (Pausing for captive print. Click yes after you have inserted the captive object)
G0 Z5.35 (Go back to zero.)

I taped (kapton tape ftw!) two leads onto the two sides of the battery before the print. I left two spaces in the model for them to come out. Plop it in and watch as your plastic part gains the power of electricity!

Wiring it all together:
I just bought memory wire today from an arts and crafts store. If you don\'t want to bother with that the stranded wire I tried worked well you just have to figure out a way of closing the two sides.

Thread everything onto two lengths of the wire. I just bent hooks and loops at the end of each to connect everything together which only worked okay. See if you can figure out something better.

You can put LED\'s where ever you please and you should just wrap the leads around the exposed wire in between the parts. The battery should be able to power six of them I believe (I only have one because I broke all of my others trying to make this thing work).

  • 3D model format: STL





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