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Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model Higgs Bosons

3D model description

These are the 5 Higgs Bosons predicted by the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM). (H+/- is referring to 2 particles)

The LHC at CERN is being upgraded to nearly twice the energy of the first run and should start to produce beams by April 2015. The higgs particle discovered in 2012 is consistent with the Standard Model. More data may uncover or rule out the MSSM.

So, again... the search is on. People are looking for them at CERN and in laboratories all around the world by studying the huge amount of data produced by LHC collisions.

3D printing settings

There are 4 basic models here:

higgsh, higgsH, higgsA and HiggsHpm (plus minus)

The stl files with the above names are the bodies.

There is a matching 0 or pm (plus minus) for each along with the h,H,A and Hpm (the main letter in the middle).

I print the letter and superscripts with .1mm layer height, and the body with .2mm layer height, and the arms and legs in .2mm or .3mm. Infill of 10% and 2 perimeters all around works okay. PLA.

I use gray for h0, red for H+-, green for A0 and blue for H0.

The letters and superscripts are press fit into the body. A small amount of spacing was designed in but after printing clean up the parts (trimming the bottom corners will help the fit).

Put the letter into the body and press down hard on a table. Press on the top and bottom part of the letter and you should hear it pop into place (no glue required). The superscripts also press fit. To get the orientation correct I put a small dot with a marker on the bottom side of the superscript before removing from build surface and align this down when inserting into the body.

The arms and legs from Makerbot's were perfect. I mirror imaged a couple of the arms for variety. Because the arms are printed on the build surface and come out not-quite round, take a little sandpaper or a file and knock down the edges of the arms. They should fit into the body without glue and be removable. I use a little superglue to attach the legs.

  • 3D model format: STL





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