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Minecraft Creeper Keychain (single extruder)

3D model description

WAIT! WAIT! I know what you are thinking:
I can't make this thing i have a single extruder.
Well i made this with a single extruder ;-)

My son wanted to give the kids that came to his birthday party a little thanks present.

Since he is a big minecraft fan he asks me if i could make something.

So this is what i came up with and he loved the idea.

In the past i experimented with the "pause height" function.
butt for a while now i also own a dual extrude printer.
So i never took the time to use this function.

But not everybody owns a dual extruder printer so for this model i used the "pause height" function.

My self i use 2 slicers: simplify 3d and Cura 2.3.1
I'm not going to explain how "pause at height" works
So check out these video's on how is works

Cura 2.3.1:

Simplify 3D:

3D printing settings

Layer Height: 0.2
Shell Thickness: 0.8
Bottom/Top Thickness: 0.4
No Support

TIP: Ensure that your retraction setting are right!

Creeper Pause Height.
1. pause at 2.2mm
2. pause at 4.2mm
3. pause at 6.2mm

Key Pause Height.
1. pause at 1.8mm
2. pause at 3.2mm

  • 3D model format: STL



Hello all, I'm Bishop.
In real life I'm a mechanical engineer.
But in my spare time i love making 3d models.,3d printing and playing with arduino's and raspberry pi's

I love making models for other people like,
milling machines, 3d printers, jewelry, practical things and yes also naughty toys,
and a lot off other stuff.

I hope you will like and enjoy my models!



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