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Life wisdom

3D model description

The motive represents a lifelong learning process that we hand as parents to our children. Some of main features we are and what we should be are shown by horizontal words, so that vertical words form the main motive that this 3D print represents, ... father telling his son about the system of values that he will gain during life. Among them is the planet Earth that shows the symbolism of young generations that they are waiting for new challenges in the future.


3D printing settings

Father & son were 3D scanned and them 3D printed.
Father - scanning: 30 min, 3D printing: 10,5h (infill: 30%).
Son - scanning: 40 min, 3D printing: 9h (infill: 30%).
3D modeling of tables: made in two parts and joined by fillisters (cca 1h).

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP





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