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LED Nixie Display Lixie

Download free 3D printer designs LED Nixie Display Lixie, mariguDownload free 3D printer designs LED Nixie Display Lixie, marigu

3D model description

LED version of Nixie tube display(test).
It is small version with only 3 numbers but for the test it is enough and
it is really cool:)

I know that you can buy whole kit already but i wanted to create my own.
Improvement is still needed for sure but even when you are scratching acrylic sheet
with sharp pointed nail it is actually working and look nice.
You can "scratch" everything you want there not just numbers of course:)

It is for 2mm thick acrylic sheet, but Fusion360 file is included so you can edit it if you want to use different thickness.

I thing best is use some Laser engraving machine or CNC machine with small router tip.
But i do not have one so i just use nail:)

Maybe it is helpfull for someone and if you create something like that let me know;)

Prusa I3 MK3
no support

  • 3D model format: STL





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