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Learning toy - Gear combination

3D model description

I expended a day learning how gears are to be drawn in Autocad. I finished up with this simple toy to check their performance in diferent sizes.
My family found it very interesting as a simple toy, reason why I share it... maybe you like it too!

Gears have magic, they are the phisical representation of the power of mathematics, maybe that is why we humans admire them when we see them working.

Two parts simply snap together to create the chassis.

In case you find gears useful for other projects and need to create others in combination, they were created with these basic parameters:
M=1.5 (module)
pressure angle= 20 degrees.

Gcodes are for 1.75 filament, infill 15%.

Thank you!

  • 3D file format: STL



In these few days exploring 3d printing, I found a perfect oportunity for improving my autocad skills and learn to consider in depth general design issues. My feeling is that 3d printing will improve the way humans develop things. We are experiencing just the begining!



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