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Knurled surface finishing library

3D model description

YAPML yet another poor man's library that makes things finding it hard to render and taking its time to compile.

In this case the self-replicating polyhedron is intended to give a mechanical touch to your freshly (or not) designed cylindrical surfaces. Hmmmm... you can also thing that those things all-around the cylinder are diamonds and use it for jewelry.

The examples scad provided uses OpenSCAD MakerBot Font Module by grokbeer licensed under BY-SA-NC license (link in the instructions section)


(Just in case you don't read the comments bellow)
Video by sirmakesalot (thank you very much!!)...

Things using this library :-)

Bowden Clamp for Ultimaker by owen
Spindle for 5lb spool by mikeq
Knurled "topper" for stepper motors by Pazu
Ultimaker Hobbed Bolt Release by bkubicek
Hobbed bolt holder by coffeeMaker
Shane's Coral Frag Plugs by sgraber
Bowden Clamp for Ultimaker (Feeder End) by pit3k

3D printing settings

Go to, grab the Font Module, follow that thing's own instructions to be able to use it and come back.

Go to to get the screw library, follow that thing's own instructions to be able to use it and come back.

Download 'knurledFinishLib.scad' and drop it into your OpenSCAD library folder or the folder where you are writing your OpenSCAD script.

Use 'knurledFinishExamples.scad' to start playing with this library.

Knurl things.
Print them.
Share them.

  • 3D model format: PDF, SCAD, and STL





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