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IKEA LACK Filament Guide 2,2mm and 4,2mm screwed version

3D model description

Based on feedback I added 2 additional versions:
Both have a reduced outer diameter from 10mm to 9,8mm for easier fit, and an improved flute on both sides.
One version with 4,2mm inner diameter for teflon tubes
One version with2,2mm inner diameter for direct filament feeding

Filament guide to pass through the top plate of an IKEA LACK table when building an enclosure.
The threaded design guarantees a firm seat of the parts without glue. The 4.2mm bore allows feeding a PTFE tube through the guide when feeding from a sealed filament container like the SPANNERHANDS designs. (the photo shows an earlier 3mm version with M6 thread, but the 4.2 with M8 thread is easier to print and more flexible due to the PTFE tube support)

3D printing settings

Printed on PRUSA MK3 from PLA with 0,2mm FAST settings, using layer editing to print the threads with the smallest layer height. Screws together perfectly.
Recommended to print separately, since the variable layer height is at different Z levels with the 2 parts.

  • 3D model format: STL



I'm a kind of jack of all trades with an MSC in mechanical engineering and business, background in arts and photography and many years of passion in creating and DIY. 3D printing is the latest endevour and my goal is to create well engineered solutions to practical problems

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