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Ghostly LP Stand

3D model description

There is a personal connection between the listener and artist. Something that moves us to the core and this feeling lasts a lifetime. And that connection comes from the recording studio; a place where magic happened, a place where artist meets vinyl. So, when listening to your favorite artists, proudly display that LP Cover Art on this beautiful 3D printed stand.


And each time you remove that LP Cover from that stand, the old recording studio lost to time is reviled to you. To remind you that this kind of magic, the magic of sound to mind was made possible by that place. This, my friend, is way more ghostly than any horror movie.


Enjoy, Reamo

3D printing settings


1. Almost all parts can be bonded together. Some have provisions for fasteners or bonding. Your choice.

2. Bond Billboard 1 and Billboard 2 together first. Bond this assembly to the stand very last.

3. LP Stand can sit on counter, screwed to surface or board.

4. The main part (Cradle Backbone) is the largest outside perimeter part I have made. Pay very close attention to placement of build tape on the build surface for proper coverage.

5. Billboard 1 prints the center of the “O”. Make sure to bond this in place.

  • 3D file format: STL





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