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Gallus gallus, Domestic Chicken

3D model description

The common chicken, Gallus gallus, is an important domestic species that touches many of our lives on a daily basis. Countless millions of chicken eggs and meat products are consumed by humans every year, and many other poultry products are used in everything from apparel to the arts. The chicken is also an important scientific and biomedical research organism. The development of chicken embryos has played an especially distinguished role in embryology, where the chicken is a model system used by researchers who study many different topics, and it is among the most common of laboratory animals in comparative anatomy courses.

3D printing settings

This file is a 3D surface model that has been created using the original scan data for this specimen. It can be downloaded and printed out using a 3D printer/rapid prototyper or it can be rendered in a 3D application. These files are typically very large, so we do not recommend trying to download them without a high-speed internet connection.

  • 3D model format: STL


I love science (who does not?) and 3D printable animal skull (who does not?) 🐸



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