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Fishing lure #3 with gills and larger body

3D model description

Here is another of my fishing lure designs. This one is larger than my last ones but could be scaled up or down to suit your needs. The pivot allows for a more realistic swimming action when combined with the bill.
This is a diving lure I printed at 100% so it would be a bit heavier but if you change the infill you change the buoyancy. A great side benefit to choosing your settings and making these lures even more custom. I have included the source for you as well.
I paint them to look like local fish. This one I tried to mimic a perch but you could experiment with fluorescent or metallic colours. Different regions have different feeder fish but fish will react out of movement or curiosity.
They totally work! Check out the action shots! Small mouth bass and pike love yellow perch.
The northern pike took 10 minutes to land, they have some fight in them and it is about 30 inches long. They live for about 25-30 years. I estimate this one to be in it's 20s for sure. The small mouth bass was probably 3.5-4 pounds. There were a lot this year. seems the warmer weather is proving to be beneficial for the fish!

3D printing settings

Scale the STL and print at 100% to survive hard strikes and rocks.
Use the appropriate hardware to your scale.
You will need the following:
-5 screw in eyelets
-2 treble hooks
-2 small split rings
-Some paint or coloured plastic
Paint the body components first then assemble.
Head out and catch that one that keeps getting away!

  • 3D model format: STL





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