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Enclosure for new SMD-based geiger counter by impexeris for SBM20 and STS-5 tubes

3D model description

This is a revised enclosure for the new - SMD based hardware version of the DiY geiger counter ( and ) by my colleague - eBay vendor impexeris ( .

note: this enclosure is originally for SBM-20 Geiger Müller tube.
if you have an STS-5 (CTC-5) tube print Top-for-STS-5-geiger-tube.stl Bottom-for-STS-5-geiger-tube.stl files. STS-5 is very similar to SBM-20 but it is 2 mm longer.

This enclosure is for use with SBM-20 or CTC-5 geiger tubes.
Besides adjusted geometry for LCD / buzzer / LED, iR receiver power switch and push-buttons new features of the enclosure are:
- additional opening for for the "click/tone" switch
- additional opening for for the "tone" button
- additional opening for serial header access (this opening is semi closed so if it is needed, it can easily be cut-open)
- now the LCD rests on the support pins which direct the display more precisely to its place.
- whole device snaps in and is held by springy-clips
- battery is kept in place by springy-clips
- screw holes and columns are introduced to allow bottom cover to be securely held by two ∅2mm diameter/10mm long screws (∅4mm head diameter)

  • 3D model format: STL





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