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Enclosure for BlinkM MaxM Controller Board

3D model description

Carefully hand modeled in C4D, this lovely box cradles your BlinkM controller in loving ABS. You'll need a rubber band or something similarly classy to keep the lid on, though it fits pretty snuggly. There is also no built-in means of attaching it to anything (like your TOM's z-stage assembly). Finally, there's nothing really holding the board in place, so it can jiggle around. Easy solutions abound. I settled for double sided mounting tape and a test cylinder.

There are holes for DC power, 4-pin out to your RGB lights, and 4-pin in from Arduino or a LinkM. The LinkM fits right in there.

I just wanted something to hold our blinkM in a happy box. Said box could be improved in a million ways.

3D printing settings

Print print print. You'll probably have to cut off some bridge strands above the power connection hole to get it in there.

  • 3D model format: STL



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