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EcoLED Cupboard Light Spacer Mounts

3D model description

I just finished installing some built-in cupboard units and saw some EcoLED cupboard lights that would work nicely - the problem I had was that the soft-close hinges the lights were to attach to were not made to accept these LED light mounts - so I decided to make some basic 10mm spacer mounts so the lights could be attached to the cupboard's sides instead - they also allowed me to place the lights where I needed them and was not restricted to mounting them only where the hinges were.

I whipped up a design in Sketchup, using the inner measurements of the light base plates - I included the raised section so the base slides and fits nicely in the cut-out - it also stops it from sliding horizontally beyond the end plate towards the cupboard door.

It also allows for some lateral adjustment, where you can slide the base away from the cupboard door if it's too close. Mounts with one screw.
TO NOTE: depending on the distance from the cupboard doors (when closed) to the light's push switch, you may need to add a domed stick-on bumper to the point on the door where the switch touches -- or adjust your door hinges to pull the door more inward when closed.

All in all it worked out great - attached them with a single chipboard screw and they work perfectly.

If I were to do these again, I would probably raise the Z height to about 15mm (instead of 10mm), as I had some clearance problems on some of the doors when the doors were opened - you would have to experiment with your particular door/hinge types as each is different.

The Sketchup .SKP file is included if you wish to remix for your doors or amend the design!

If you need a different size/design, I'll try and help where I can :)

  • 3D model format: STL





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