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Diffusor for Fenix L1D, LD10, LD20 and PD30

3D model description

I wanted a red diffusor for my Fenix flashlight to read a map and still conserve night vision.

Tested with L1D and LD10, the others should fit as well.

Included OpenSCAD-File in case someone feels the need for changing something.

3D printing settings

I printed with 1 shell and 100% infill (which is still not much material)

Needed to activate coasting to reduce blobs but is still not perfect. Maybe temperature was to high.

The more transparent the material the brighter. Obviously. But should work with e.g. standard colored PLA. I would not call my red one transparent.

It is a tight fit so check for blobs and strings inside.

  • 3D model format: STL





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