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DeWalt Drill Battery Mount for Electric Skateboard (+anything else)

3D model description

These simple DeWalt contractor batteries are actually 5S2P of Panasonic/Sanyo NCR20700A cells, with each cell rated at 30A continuous discharge. Use them to make your 10s electric skateboard FLY with 60 amps for a fraction of the cost of some worse 'Tesla Cells' packs.. Or build your own unicycle, eBike, or 1000W LED system, anything!

Why dangerously tear-apart and harvest the cells when you can use the packs as-is?

Follow the project on!

The 3D printed mount is modularly designed in OnShape, and easily forkable for your own project. the web-based free-to-use github of 3D modeling (that's a solidworks compatible clone).

It's designed to be printed on small 3d-printers with an (optional) dovetail connection in the middle (for the skateboard mount). It prints perfectly in PLA (or even PETG) with 8% density 80% overhang support and 25%+ infill and requires zero finishing and fits perfectly with the batteries.


The source! This file on OnShape!

Remix and use derived part to your heart's content! There are four main tabs:

  1. battery mount- the basic, no-frills, single mount. No attachments at all. All of the next tabs use this as a 'Derived Part' and the foundation of their designs. Use this as a Derived Part in yours!
  2. underside mount. This was my original design for my Wowgo Skateboard and, with the added support ribs, works great! Without deck-risers the battery clearance isn't really enough, however, so I created the:
  3. topside mount. Perfect for adding ~12miles of range and/or 60A capacity to an existing board or replacing your existing battery altogether. This design includes 5.5mm eyelets for alternative mounting, perhaps to an eBike with a buck boost controller.
  4. duo mount. A simple back-to-back mount designed for non-skate uses. I use a 3D-print of this for charging– and break out the cell-balance pins.
  5. stacked mount hasn't been printed or tested yet. It's designed for the flexible PETG plastic and moves the batteries far forward on my Wowgo deck to help with clearance issues from the ‘underside mount’

I'd like to add more! Send me photos with measurements and I'll help fit to your board and/or feel free to fork the design and modify yourself! Post here with your results :D

Skip downloading these STLs here (unless you've got my exact skateboard, just want to use the eyelet mounting points, or want a charger-mount). Go fork that onshape design and either modify away or start fresh and include the 'battery mount' as a Derived Part.


Each part can be printed on small 3d-printers like my little $200 Monoprice Select Mini. The larger underside and topside mounts have a dovetail connection that works great without glue to hold things together.

All pieces print perfectly in PLA (or even PETG) with 25%+ infill (I use 30-35%). All parts that are printed flat (all but the 'duo mount') need overhang support, I've liked just 8% density 80º overhang.


Required bits:
- The batteries! Here on amazon (direct link, no affiliation)
- Industrial Male Disconnect Vinyl 10 Blue(34529) from Ace hardware .. I bought mine at my local ACE hardware

That’s it! Crimp the connectors with some beefy pliers or a real crimper, they friction fit into the mount with the help of some normal pliers.

Useful References:

  • 3D model format: STL





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