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3D model description

A dice for playing tricks; with two opposing sixes and no fours.

For example, for a white die; for more realism: paint the hollow of the dots in black to obtain a smooth effect; do post-print treatments. (abs+acetone, or pla+ primer, paint and varnish)

Use with care and discretion. Good for playing tricks, pulling pranks, teasing. It's not recommended for cheating. You might put yourself in a bad situation. The unusual appearance of the dice can be spotted quite quickly. (A real rigged dice would be a normal looking dice, with an imbalance of weight inside).

3D printing settings

20 per cent filling. I think that on my printing, the thick layer for the first layer, rather compressed on itself, has made the hollowed drawing of the figures smaller, which unfortunately allows to distinguish the faces from each other. So, it may be good to put the best quality possible, the slowest possible, and print the 1 side down to minimize the differences in appearance. You can give it a better finish with some post-print retouching (see relief paste, paint, and varnish on the photo). Printing the die a little larger also improves it.

  • 3D model format: STL



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