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DARINS - stealth boat with reactionless propulsion drive

3D model description

Boat model is based on modern stealth frigates.
This boat is moved by internal reactionless propulsion drive. A reactionless drive is a device producing motion without the exhaust of a propellant. In another word, the model moves due to internal forces. It doesn't interact with the outer environment except, of course, Earth gravity forces and water friction.
This drive can be used to move spacecraft. Also, It is possible to create underwater drones without propellers and waterjets. Such drones will not disturb sea inhabitants.

About 3d models.
This model was printed by ABS plastic. For better durability, I added internal elements. They can be removed.
I recommend applying silicone sealant to protect against leakage.
All parts of the model are connected with glue.
The dimensions of the boat are 310x95x90 mm.

A small contest.
Anyone who can describe how this drive works will get the author's model for free without any postal charges.
Just a few simple rules:
1. The description should not contain unusual theories.
2. The principle of action must strictly follow the laws of Newton and the law of conservation of momentum.
3. Description can be in English only.

All you need is Wikipedia or a school physics course. With a little thought, you can take part in asteroid mining or send a spaceship to a far space to asteroids and planets.
Good luck everyone!

  • 3D model format: STL





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