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Cupcake Oven Kit

Download free 3D printing files Cupcake Oven Kit, GaygwennDownload free 3D printing files Cupcake Oven Kit, Gaygwenn

3D model description

A few people in our Makerbot users group wanted a set of covers for their bots a while back, so I designed a set of laser cut PETG panels that covered the holes on the original Cupcake. I recently revisited the design after someone else wanted a ToM set so I decided to post the designs.

I solved the problem of closing up the front of the bot by creating a fold down door that secured with a couple magnets and utilized some drawer pulls I had on hand. Once the door and panels were installed on my bot, the entire thing looked kinda like an oven, hence the name. Appropriate for a Cupcake, right?

Rather than just preventing drafts from affecting your builds, these panels can also be used in conjunction with a specialized fume hood I designed (which will be posted soon along with ToM oven files) to manage the ABS fumes produced by a bot.

More pics here:

3D printing settings

The panels have a few tabs that hold each in place that need to be carefully bent out. The design files have filled areas (they don't show up on the DXF preview, check out the EPS file) that should be etched into the PETG using the raster mode of the laser to give the tabs pre-scored creases that make bending the tabs much easier, but you may still want to use a pair of pliers to bend them out. Don't bend them out more than 90 degrees, you'll want them to press up against the sides of the holes you're covering.

The smaller square pieces are washers that allow the door to lay flush with the face of the front cover, place these under the hinges. I installed the hinges with M3x8 bolts. The magnets are held in place with double sided tape.

  • 3D model format: EPS





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