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Counting Coin Trays

3D model description

This is just a quick coin tray that I made. I started with a minimal one, but it didn't print well, I then moved on to a printable straight tray designed for one roll of coins. Then I created this offset one. Each of the three designs are in the scad, and each one corresponds to one roll of coins.

The STL files are for 2€, 1€, 0.50€, 0.20€ and 0.10€ coins respectively. They are also adjusted to the tolerances of my Thingomatic Mk6. The scad has a parametric cointray() module, that can easily be adjusted to any size coin, as well as any number of coins per counting offset, or to a different printing tolerance.

The counting tray is easy to load and unload, and should be useful to anyone who needs to count small amounts of change.

I had originally planned on printing them all on one tray, but that is larger than will fit in my printing bed.

3D printing settings

You can try directly printing the STL files.

For for non-Euro based currency you can open up the scad and add your own coin measurements and generate STLs accordingly.

  • 3D model format: STL





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