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Brompton GoPro mount

Download free STL files Brompton GoPro mount, zaptaDownload free STL files Brompton GoPro mount, zapta

3D model description

This is a GoPro mount for Brompton Bikes. It's mounts on the two headset screws at the front. Having the camera install this way, independent from handlebar steering movement provide very stable view point.

I printed it using PLA with material support and material cooling. PEI bed temp 70C, hotend temp 225C, and 30mm/s base speed (using high temperature and slow speed results in stronger layer adhesion).

I also cleaned it up slightly using an X-Acto knife, especially in the hexago captive nut cavity.

Printing with ABS may provide a part that is more heat/sun tolerant but I didn't bother. (using light PLA color may improve the heat/sun tolerance as it absorbs less heat).

If you need to tweak dimensions you can load the OpenScad file, change some parameters and generate your own STL file. If there will be demand for customizing a few dimensions, I may be able to export them here as Customizer parameters.

  • 3D model format: STL



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