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Braille Bracelet

3D model description

I said I would make this a long time ago...

Pretty self explanatory.... it's a bracelet with braille on it (the braille reads "makerbot")

I used 1/4" felt to make it nice and comfy and add some visual flare

This design can be adapted in so many ways (doesn't just have to be braille) and it's really easy to design/print/put-together.

EXTRA BONUS POINTS for whoever adapts this design for the makerbot watch :)

3D printing settings

  1. Print the braille part (there are two sizes.... my wrists are impossibly small so guys should definitely use the large one but girls may be fine with the small)
  2. Cut out a strip of felt (i used 1/4" but 1/8" may be a bit better). It should be about 2.5cm wide and 15-17cm long
  3. Glue the felt to the braille (i used super glue and it seems to be working fine)

rock out!

  • 3D model format: STL





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