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Blackboard Physics (Mechanics)

3D model description

A system for blackboard/bulletin/white board physics demonstrations.

Created because the only similar item available costs over $1000. I will be developing this over the summer to incorporate as much standard physics lab equipment as possible. Being able to do certain demonstrations on the board is invaluable. With a pendulum you can mark the position of the max amplitude and have students simple measure the change in height and the amplitude. Projectile motion is nice because you can have students guess and draw the path of the projectile. I will see if I can get a photogate up there and maybe involve other vernier sensors.

Demonstrations included so far:
Balancing Lever
K'nex Pulley
K'nex Gears
Ramps for projectile motion (

Still to come:

Suction cup options (Need a very strong magnet to handle any demonstrations with weights - suction cups on a whiteboard or smartboard would hold up better). I will build off of 'suction cup shelf' to create flat ramps etc (as well as chalk/pushpin organizers)
Physical Vectors that can be moved around and possibly scaled.
General improvements to the design

Suggestions are more than welcomed.

1/2" magnets BTW.

  • 3D model format: STL





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