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Bauhaus Model I 1922 Chess Set

3D model description

TeamTeamUSA said : "Always wanted a Bauhaus chess set but couldn't afford one? Here ya go!"

Inspired by Josef Hartwig's Model I chess set created in 1922 at Bauhaus Weimar.
This set is at the ~original size, and need an big board to be played ! ^^

It was done as an Blender learning exercise based on MOMA picture and the globals dimensions they gave and we gess the others with proportions and eye.

3D printing settings

I don't have yet the good sized .blend file neither separate piece stl, I'll upload them monday.

Print all the pieces in white, and when it's done start again whith black plastic. (or you can try pink or green if you whant)
And next find an board and an friend to play with.

Note : Need to print knith on the back for doesn't need support material. => different finish aspect than the others pieces.

  • 3D model format: STL



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