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Balalaika (Russian Stringed Instrument)

3D model description

Here is a fully playable Balalaika! Prints without supports!

The Balalaika is one of Russia's most popular instruments. This 3 stringed instrument has a characteristic triangular form.

Here's a quickie sound test. Some slight improvements to the sound have been make since.

Balalaika (Russian Stringed Instrument)

3D printing settings

Print settings:
Body- 50% with ~5 perimeters (shell)
Neck- 50% or higher (print vertically)
Fretboard- 30%-50% (print horizontally)
Recommended at 0.2mm layer height

If your printed is large enough you can print the entire body in 1 print and the entire fretboard in 1 as well. The neck would be a minimum of two parts.

I used super glue to bond parts together. You can use the joiners (flat pieces) to better fit the body parts. I might eventually have these built in so the 3 body parts puzzle right together.

Traditional is 2 nylon and 1 steel. Other options include all nylon or all steel. I personally prefer all nylon. You can either buy Balalaika strings (somewhat pricey) or use classical/steel guitar strings.
Two 0.04 gauge nylon strings and one 0.011 gauge steel string would be close to traditional.

I used cheapo individual classical tuners. You can pick them up from ebay for ~$5 free shipping.

Traditional tuning:

Balalaika (Russian Stringed Instrument)

  • 3D model format: STL





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