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Airslicer windmill (work in progress)

Download free 3D printing models Airslicer windmill (work in progress), noctaroDownload free 3D printing models Airslicer windmill (work in progress), noctaro

3D model description

My first attemp of a 3D printable windmill. It generates power using an old cd-drive closer motor and uses it on a 3V LED. There is alot to improve. If you have suggestions, i would love to read them in the comments. This is work in progress. There will be some changes in near future.

For now it has a transition around 1:30. This seems to be too much. Alot of friction going on, so you need alot of airflow to start spinning it. The motor is spinning faster then it would need, as it starts going.

I have modded a 16" prop from my old octo with some depron, to extend its wings.Will replace this soon.

I plan to test different transitions and add them to this thingi afterwards.

Components used:
- 16" APC propeller - will create a printable blade
- A piece of shrink tube to fix the propeller onto the shaft
- Old CD drive closer motor, to generate some power - no power measures yet
- Rubberband as belt for driving the motor
- 3.3 Volt RGB LED

  • 3D model format: STL





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