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8-bit Piggy Bank

3D model description

Yes, this is a fully functional 8-bit big money piggy bank! My 3yr old daughter need a safe place to keep all her high-stakes rock/paper/scissors winnings. She sat down with me in-front of a clean Sketchup session and we began to construct a piggy bank that Mario would approve of.

Check my screen shots, I uploaded a plethora of images including object dimensions.

I printed this in ~6hrs using no support on my Thing-O-Matic's ABP.

TOM # 4890
.4 nozzle
ABP with aluminum plate topper and titanium belt covered in kapton

3D printing settings

1.) Print the pig "PiggyBank.stl"

2.) Print the belly pan and tail "PiggyBankParts.stl"

3.) Slide the pan in from the rear and install the tail

4.) I would say "Profit" for this step but you actually store "Profits" in your new divine 8-bit swine!


I tried to optimize this long print with specific platform orientation and internal break-away support columns* to keep structure integrity but if you know of more efficient ways to design large open volume objects do post back! The Sketchup master file is attached for your piggy pleasures. I tried different mouths and side body art but decided to upload my 3yr old approved vanilla version for dispersion.

*Once your Pig is done you can hand snap the 2 pillars out of the belly to make room for more delicious coins (or anything else you can fit through the slot)!

  • 3D model format: STL





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