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3D printed Bike rollers

3D model description

A set of 3d printable bike rollers I designed and made. Over 100 hours of printing and almost 2kg of plastic! Indoor training time! Check out the instructions for details.

3D printing settings

All the parts were printed in PLA on my Makerbot Replicator 2. I printed the center roller sections with 4 shells and 20% infill. The roller ends are 3 shells 10%infill. The bearing supports are 3 shells 10% infill also. The roller ends needed supports turned on (for the belt groove). The bearing supports needed a tiny bit of heat to let the bearings seat. All hole sizes are adjusted for correct sizing once sliced with MakerWare.

There are two center section options:

A: 3 piece centers, you will need 3 per roller (9 total).

B: single piece center, you will need 1 per roller ( 3 total).

Option A allows for stronger rollers and fewer print failures due to overly long prints. It also means a smaller piece to replace if you have a roller break.

I used a bit of glue between roller sections on the driven rollers.

After positioning the rollers on the side rails, measure your belt length with a fair bit of stretch. Fuse the ends together with heat (I used my soldering iron set to about 450˚ F). Trim the flashing then reinstall the belt

There are extra belt grooves in the rollers if you want to drive a resistance unit or other things.

36 x M3 x 10mm SHCS (mcmaster 91292A113)

6 x R8 bearings (mcmaster 60355K601)

3 x 1/2" x 16" Shafts (mcmaster 6061K432)

12 x Set screw shaft collars (mcmaster 9414T11)

aprox 8ft 3/16" urethane round belt (mcmaser 59725K703)

2 x 5' lengths 1/2" EMT conduit (sourced from Home Depot)

  • 3D model format: STL





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