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(Complete) 3D print drones’ propellers easily & experiment

3D model description

The complete model is available to download for free now.

Easily design, 3D print and experiment with your very own custom drones' propellers.

Its a Blender template file:
- Customise simply by moving sliders
- Straight forward export of your design (File>Export>STL)
- Within Blender – Blender is free
- A brief tutorial included with each template
- See how easy it is

Do not worry, no actual Blender modelling skills are required!

3D printing settings

It will depend on the size of the propeller...

An example STL file for the CX-Stars Nano Quadcopter included. The 21 mm short CCW propeller - mirror it in the Slic3r to get the CW one.

Slice it with Slic3r please to get the single extrusion thin blades - see the 'settings' in the 2 screenshots attached.

Orient it on the side as it is designed for 3D printing, it is self-supporting. In fact all the other propellers you can generate with the template are too.

  • 3D model format: ZIP



The complete models are available to download for free now.

I'm a product designer/engineer who's slowly and steadily getting grips on bringing my passion for problem solving by design out of my thoughts into reality.



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