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1 Cubic Centimeter Scoop

3D model description

This is a very simple design for a 1 cc scoop for measuring the bulk density of powders. It is useful for the Don't Judge a Powder portion of the middle school and high school Science Olympiad competitions. It probably also has some use in generic science courses. The interior of the scoop is 10mm x 10mm x 10mm which of course is one cubic centimeter and also one milliliter. To calculate a bulk density, tare the scoop, fill it to the top with a powder and then reweigh it (in grams). The mass you measure is the bulk density in grams/cubic centimeter.

V2 courtesy of tmorris9 who had a great idea to make a version that didn't need any bridging.

Unless you have a very good printer, these probably aren't water tight, but they work well for powders.

3D printing settings

Download and print. This design does not need any support although there is a 10 mm bridge which is helped with some cooling (V2 doesn't need any bridging). It shouldn't be too hard.

  • 3D model format: STL





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