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1:24 Spiral Staircase Treads

3D model description

I'm working on a few iterations of spiral staircases in scale, and I created a simple version to test before venturing on to more complicated projects.

This version is in 1:24 scale. Sixteen treads are required to complete a 360 degree revolution. The rise is 9".

I have some landing options I plan to upload in the near future.

3D printing settings

As formatted, the STLs create a Left-Up staircase. Mirror files if you desire a Right-Up version.

Print as many treads as you require, plus a base. Treads are designed to thread onto a bamboo kabob skewer, or other rod 3mm or less in diameter, but this is not required. Snap treads into one another - the snaps are offset to maintain correct spacing between treads. Use acetone for permanency, though the pieces hold together well without an adhesive.

  • 3D model format: STL



Love 3D printing and geography!



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