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Zmorph 2.0(S) Cooling system

3D model description

It's tuning for Zmorph 2.0 and 2.0s printer.
Primary fan mount replacement and second fan mount. Both with changeable nozzles (for different toolheads).
You'll need one fan (SUNON EB40202S2; 40x40x20; 24V), soldering iron and some cable/connector to get 24V from head PCB. Second fan and nozzles are holded by magnets (look at photos for details). I used neodymium magnets 5x5x1.5mm:

(2x) primary fan,
(4x) secondary fan,
(2x) secondary fan mount,
(2x) for each nozzle.
"A" and "B" in stl files names are information if it's for primary or secondary fan (some of them are not symmetrical).
"_1", "_2", etc it's more than one variant of nozzle. It's up to you which you will use (it depends on your print and used material).

Print with ABS! (it's really close to hotend so it should handle high temperature)

Mount thone parts means you'll need to take original toolhead mount to pieces. Theoretically it's really hard to damage printer but remember that I don't take any responsibility for situations like this.

  • 3D model format: STL




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