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Wrench: Tightening and Loosening

3D model description

This is a file I found on the NASA 3D model website. It was designed by a company called Made In Space. This model is significant because it was the first object 3D printed in space besides replacement parts for the 3D Printer. When International Space Station Commander Barry Wilmore needed a wrench, NASA literally e-mailed him one. Unfortunately NASA didn't think about a wrench that can loosen as well as tighten. Luckily I did (kind of), and it wasn't that hard, all I did was mirror the 3D file so now it will lock the other way. If you want to see this wrench in action take a look at Barnacules Nerdgasms video on YouTube where he puts it to the test. I stole the idea of the loosening wrench from Barnacules! Maybe he'll see this post and make a video on the loosening wrench.

  • 3D model format: STL





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