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Wash Out Test Bed

3D model description

I love to design models with several parts with fit in or swivel parts or hinges, but it comes out to be too large and need sanding, although I have asked from the experts suggesting to reduce 0.2 mm for fit-in and 0.4 mm for moving parts. I don't know the exact terminology for this, I call it "wash-out size" (reduce).

Then it crosses my mind that every printer has different level of precision. So I make this model with FreeCAD -- lines of circles and cubes reducing each step by 0.1 mm -- and print it out as a reference for my next builds. See that the circular shape and square shape have different size for fit-in and swivel.

Ring hole diameter : 10 mm
Cube hole side : 10 mm

I still believe that this wash-out test bed will give different result for smaller or larger sizes then maybe you need to rebuild one depends on the size of your project.

  • 3D file format: STL





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