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ULTIMATE creality cr10 ender 2-3 single blower LEFT RIGHT fan mount (stock hotend) EZABL

3D model description

I've made this fan mount in remix of my double fan mount, better suitable for little printers like the ender 2.
I'm at the moment using the double blower version so I havent the photos of this one.
made the model for left and right blower .

there are more than one model so u can choose yours.
offsets for the abl are
X: +/- 42.5mm

Y: + 10.5mm


improved form and grip for the 5015 blowers.
added a deeper plastic part on the right side in order to adjust better the fan mount with the metal part, also it helps to mount the mount straight.
can work with any cooling hot end mount, I sugest mine is a fast snap mount so u can remove the cooling fan and adjust the fan mount without actually remove the metal hot end.
top cable grip to use with a plastic band
two model types one with an extra arc on the bottom and one without, chose the one u like, I presonally prefer the first one, could seem a bit unconfortable but it elps with leveling the bed and the fan mount with the hotend

for the dirty pictures, I have developed this mount 5 months ago and tested it so far without problems so I've decided to upload it.

added iges and STEP files so if u need to modify something u are free to go, just link the remixed part to my project

  • 3D model format: STL





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