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Tiko Motor Mount Tensioner Clips

3D model description

These clips can help with loose motor mounts on a Tiko 3D printer. They make sure the motor mounts make contact securely on the rails, otherwise the positioning may be somewhat erratic (at least on my machine). There are also other (more thoroughly tested) fixes you can try on the Tiko forums.

Upper Clips (the small ones)
If you're seeing the same issues with your tiko, this is an easy print for a significant improvement. There are several versions of the upper clips, the larger numbers increase the amount of tension (I'm using 04). You can also scale them to get more fine-tuned adjustment. If they're too tight, there might end up with too much friction to print effectively. These can be attached without any disassembly and should be mounted so the small retaining bump on the inside of the clip is closest to the motor.

Lower Clips (the larger ones)
The larger clips require removing the motor and disassembling them a bit, and I'm not sure it's worth the hassle. I'll probably redesign them when I have a chance, but I figured I'd upload them anyway and so you can try for yourself if you want. They also need a glue dot* or something similar to secure them in place.

I printed these clips in PETG, but I think non-transparent ABS will work too. I don't think clips printed in PLA will be useful for more than a couple of days. The clips are designed to be printed with a 0.5mm extrusion width, two shells.

More details at…the-motor-mounts/

-- Eustathios

-- Atomic Filament Sapphire Blue PETG

  • 3D model format: STL



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