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Tensor X Axis - Lazy option

3D model description

Do you ever wondered... how if X axis get distended? Well, my friend, you are using rubber belts, and those get degraded quite easily if you print into high-speed option.

Well, here is a lazy solution, print this tensor, even if it does not make its work, you can edit with some 3D editor, and make the top surfaces a bit higher, then.. like tensor2 or tensor3, but I would not use the tensor 3 , at least at the moment, I would put it back again... but well... you lazy one, thats the deal... you would not, right? ...

Use a piece of 3mm filament to complete the object. Purrfect, right? no screws, no bolts, no more...

I remixed because of 3D modelling.. I made bad modelling XD but because I just care about g-code result. It makes quick to change height of the top sides

  • 3D model format: OBJ and STL





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