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Tape Mount to collect printer debris

3D model description

I’ve gotten tired of bits of plastic showing up all over the place. I either miss the trash can and have to pick stuff up or there are several bits that need to be collected. Well, this simple tool will allow you to just stick the bits to the tape as you go, standing right in front of the machine. I’m finding this very convenient.

Now, the tool will hold any tape width up to 3.75 inches. So, if you got 2 inch or even 1 inch wide tape the tool still works for you. The smaller bits get pretty adhered to the tape so little chance of them being knocked off.

I showed how to remove the tape but to install the tape, the process is exactly the same just reversed. Keep sticky side up and only the two ends adhere to the tool.

I chose to use two Velcro tabs for mounting. This way you can mount it anywhere convenient for you. I like the upper right frame of the printer for my Replicator. But, on the side or on the desk, your needs and imagination will dictate location.

Enjoy, Reamo

  • 3D file format: STL





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