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Suspended Filament Spool Holder

3D model description

** Updated to version 1.5**

New version has rolling resistance screw below the spool shaft to make it easier to place and remove a spool.

This is an under shelf mount for this really cool spool holder:

Printer Settings
5 Bottom Layers
5 Paremeters
5 Top Layers
20% Infill (honeycomb)
Auto Supports (can omit supports from holes without issue)

What you will need:

1 x 150mm x M8 Threaded rod. (if you have an Anet A8, you have two of them. :)
2 x M8 Nuts
2 x 608 Bearings (8mm x 22mm)
2 x Bearing spacers
2 x screws for hanging the mount (the screw head can not exceed M8)
1 x M4 x 44mm screw (this provides rolling resistance so your spool doesn't turn too freely.)

  • 3D model format: STL





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