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SparkFun AVR Programmer Housing w/ Light Pipes

3D model description

I wish I would have looked on Thingiverse prior to designing this, their are already a bunch of great designs available for the Sparkfun Programmer!

I have a SparkFun AVR programmer that I take back and forth to work and I always worry it is going to get broken. That inspired me to make this compact protective housing.

Light pipes are used next to the USB connector but not mandatory. You can still see the light if you have open holes. If you are not familiar with light pipes, they are these glorious little things that capture and redirect light. They are cheap too.

Link to Programmer:

Link to Light Pipes: - There are a TON of options, be creative. Just make sure the lens size is 3mm.

2 Screws: Any simple Flat #3 or #4 screws will work.

Assembly is simple - Slide the board on the little track until the USB connector pops through the other end, attach the end-cap with 2 screws, and Bob's your uncle!

  • 3D model format: STL





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