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Simple Miter Joint Clamp (for picture frames)

3D model description

Got the idea to knock up this design for 3D printing, based on a design by Matt Boley, found on Family Handyman. Link:
I don't seem to find any wood offcuts that size where I live, so decided to try and design and print instead.

NOTE: I have not printed yet, but the shape/size/etc seems to fit the link details. I ran through netfabb and also verified the model completeness in Simplify3D (S3D), so it should print fine.

I suggest printing in ABS or PETG, but PLA may also be ok (I'll be using PLA+) - I would further suggest extra wall thickness, top and bottom solid layers (5 minimum) and high infill percentage (50%+ honeycomb) to ensure rigidity.

I have included STL's with:
1. both parts
2. outer part on its own
3. inner part on its own
-- this should facilitate quicker 3D printed any replacement parts if ever needed.

The thickness of the clamp is 20mm (approx. 1")
The length is 160mm (approx. 6.3")
The depth is 90mm (approx. 3.5")
(equivalent to a 1 x 4 piece of wood, as close as...)

I have further included the Sketchup SKP file, should you wish to change dimensions, etc

Comments welcome! :)

  • 3D model format: STL





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