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Robo 3D Z-Axis Limit Switch Fine Adjustment

3D model description

**note, this is only applicable to fairly early Kickstarter Robo3D model. Later Kickstarter shipments and the R1 have a solution already in place.

This thing is a bracket to attach a screw to the z-axis motor mount of the robo3D to facilitate fine adjustment of the z-axis home position.

It is actually a remix to a mod posted by another Robo3D forum member, Cambo3D. Here is the link to the oritingal mod.

The original mod is a great idea, but I wanted to avoid drilling into the injection molded part, so I created a bracket to use the same concept without permanently altering anything.

3D printing settings

-Print part

-Screw 6-32 2" lg screw into hole. If you have a 6-32 tap, you may want to tap it first, but not absolutely necessary.

-Remove screw.

-mount to lower right corner motor mount (may need to acquire a longer screw depending on what your machine shipped with)

-raise z-axis

-Push z-axis limit switch bracket down to the rod mounts and turn by about 45 degrees

-Fasten bracket to lower right corner motor mount screw

-Install 6-32X2" screw.

-Adjust as needed to get a correct gap between the nozzle and the bed.

  • 3D model format: STL



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