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Replicator Octave Spool Holder

3D model description

This is a different version of the spool holder made by chrispainter. I made this in two pieces for better strength. I also changed the hook and shaft orientation to make it easier to hang it in the existing spool holes on the Replicator. The angled stops at the base hold the spool away from the printer, and the one at the end keeps it from falling off.

3D printing settings

The OctaveReplicator file has both parts included for a single print job. If you are having trouble with the hook portion lifting from the platform before the shaft is done, you can do them individually.
I print the hook with 4 total shells to make it solid without any zig-zag motion that may break it free. I print the shaft with 3 shells and a 20% infill. I printed both with .27mm layers at 80mm/s 230° Platform 110° raftless. Neither one needs support material.
You must glue the base of the shaft to the angled face after printing.

UPDATE: The best way to glue these parts together is with a mixture of acetone and abs chunks mixed up in an old nail polish container. I now have 7 with different colors to use for glue, repairs, and as a great way to keep small items from lifting off the HBP!

  • 3D model format: STL





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