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Replacement thing - blower fan?

3D model description

Somebody at work noticed my 3D printer and fell in love. Can't blame the guy really. He asked if I could make a real part with the thing and I said "why sure, bring me something to make and I'll do it for you."

He ended up bringing me the broken blower fan looking part pictured here and asked if I could make a replacement. It seems the parts for the afflicted machine are no longer made, and this part is the only thing needed to put it back in operation.

I said I'd give it a try, but you can see that the part is incomplete and he didn't have the broken off bits. I described my assumptions about the missing portion of the part and he seemed OK with them.

Here is the result printed in silver PLA. I figured I'd make him an ABS version also after he does a test fit. The part feels really solid and stiff, I printed at 8 layers with 10% infill.

Finally got to see it in operation, here is a video:

3D printing settings

Not sure I would recommend printing this. It's a replacement part for some sort of fan thing and I'm not sure what exactly it fits into. Apparently this part is no longer made.

  • 3D model format: STL


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