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Radial Fan Fang E3D V6 40mm fan Remix

3D model description
E3D V6:

UPDATE 08/24/17
I am using the ABL stock mount from Timothy Hoogland
ABL Mount:

UPDATE 08/07/17
So I finally got around to installing this model to my cr-10 and tested it. What I found was that PETG works the best. If you plan on going to temperatures of 270-300 degrees, then I recommend adding a small strip of Aluminum Foil Tape ( ) to reflect some of the heat near the heater block, seen in the above picture.

The fan used on the fang is a bit more powerful then stock and is nice upgrade and helps with the quality of the print. I used the stock 40mm fan to cool the E3d V6.

I only have about 12 hours of print time with the E3d V6 so far but, I can say quality has gone up on the models that I have printed.

I combine the radial fan fang from jneilliii and the short E3D V6 40mm fan mount by lethala.
I also cut down the fang's tips by 5mm. I am using this for a Creality CR-10 but can be used with certain other printers as well.


I am using this model from Bandanam4n to mount the E3D to the printer:

Note: I have printed this and tested if the components fit and checked the clearance of the nozzle, however, I have not tested this model on an actual printer. (still waiting for my cr-10 in the mail)

3D printing settings

Printer Brand:

Robo 3D


R1 ABS + PLA Model









I used PLA for this model and it should work fine, if not the PETG may be a better option.

  • 3D model format: STL




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