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Prusa Gears Knob

3D model description

These gear knobs are made for the Prusa i3 as a fun alternative to its original potentiometer knob. With this model you can turn the potentiometer via a set of gears. The pressing system works the same as with the original Prusa knob.

There are two different versions, one includes a lever and the other a knob to turn the gears. There are three zip files that include all the necessary parts, depending on what version you wish to print: one for printing the lever version, one for the knob version and one for printing both versions.

Only the frame and the 'LeverGear' need support material and I reccomend printing all parts in their current position. For removing the frame I recommend using a (small) flat-head screwdriver as shown in the picture.


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  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP





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