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Propane Tank Valve Wrench

3D model description

I do a lot of grilling and where I live everything is tank exchanges. You get an inspected tank every time, which is good! The bad thing is they use a 400lb gorilla to close the valve down before it leaves the blue rhino facility. Sometimes the valves are just tough even after you crack them open the first time. I made this wrench to give you a bigger better grip for unsealing those tough tanks. Magnets in the back let you stick it to anywhere on your grill when not in use.

Magnet holes are for 1/4" diameter 1/16" thick magnets. The holes are a touch oversized so something thicker could easily be used. I made test pieces and used them on 4 different valve handles. They were all a bit different, but this was sized right to work on all of them. If you come across a handle it can't turn, maybe increase scaling a few %.

  • 3D model format: STL





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