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Printer bed lighting - V-slot 2020 click-mount (Ender-2, CR-10)

3D model description

Lighting of 3D printer bed - primary designed for Ender-2 (CR-7), but usable for any printer with V-slot 2020 horizontal profile.
Dont need screws, mounted by clicking into profile groove (and removable after strong pulling).
Uses strip with 5050 LEDs (10mm width), cuttable by 50 mm - original horizontal part (115 mm - 15mm for connecting cable) is designed for two sections (6 LEDs, 100 mm) and two slot holders, but it is no problem print and use it longer (change lenght in slicer) - and add additional holders to slot.
In some first pictures is first version slot holders. After testing it was modified.
In STL, on separate picture and on pictures with printer is second version of holders.

3D printing settings

Supports: Yes
Resolution: 0,2 mm
Infill: 90%
Printed from ABS (greater flexibility of slot holders).
functional surfaces on smallest part sanded with small file.

LEDs belt is not glued, only slipped.
I used thin cable from my home stock, some isolation, connected it to box with electronics to any 12V power source (paralel with inner ventilator of box).
Maybe I add independent switch in future.

  • 3D model format: STL




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