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Juicer (#STARTCULTS tool, design, math)

3D model description

At first sight one would think of a reproduction of the Florence duomo or a fly cage! That nenni cornegidouille! #STARTCULTS But kèssalor?

Simply an agricultural press.

In the family "citrus press" I ask:

The youngest: size "S" for limes,

The eldest: size" M" for lemons, mandarins and clementines,

The mother: size "L" for oranges,

The father: size "XL" for grapefruits and other pomelos.

The 4 objects fit together like Russian dolls....

Instructions for use:

Unlike conventional citrus presses, these work with the "tip" at the bottom.

The citrus fruit cut in half being wedged in the palm of one of your hands, grasp the citrus press with the other hand from the base and press it against the hemispherical fruit produced by simultaneously making a reciprocating circular movement. Pour the juice from time to time into the appropriate container previously placed nearby (otherwise hello the juice on the socks). The "cage" serves as a strainer and prevents both the juice from overflowing and the pulp from being poured into the juice receptacle.

NB: I accept that the instructions for use of such a tool are totally superfluous but it is necessary to comply with European directives

Have a good tasting....

3D printing settings

Printing parameters:

Standard quality (thickness: 0.15mm)

No support.

Reinforced filling (33%)

The models presented were made in PLA with a Discoeasy200.

Printing takes about 1 hour for the "small" model and 2 hours for the eXtraLarge.

  • 3D model format: STL





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