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Polycarbonate Tiko Build Plate

3D model description

While Tiko build plate works well, I like having multiple build plates and don't like printing with rafts.

These rings help keep the Tiko from shifting when placed on a glass or polycarbonate sheet, and act as a template for cutting the sheet. Just glue the ring on a sheet of polycarbonate, then trim the edges with a 3d printed router table.

I used 1/8" polycarbonate (these were left over from my RigidBot), but thinner sheets would be cheaper and probably would work just as well. The sheets should be about 10" square or larger.

-- Eustathios

-- Atomic Filament Clearance Starry Night PLA
-- Atomic Filament Clearance Transparent Red PLA

  • 3D model format: STL



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